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Today´s starter, check the board for info/ price

3 snacks with a nice glass of Cava 
Price: 95,-

Snails with garlic and herb butter 
Price: 95,-  

Crispy prawns with garlic mayo   
Price: 95,-                     

Price: 35,-

Main Courses

Included in the price of all main courses is herb butter, fries or baked potatoes

1a Beef tenderloin approx. 200 g.       
Price: 295,-            

1b Beef tenderloin approx. 300 g.  
Price: 355,-                 

2a Beef filet approx. 200 g. 
Price: 245,-                              

2b Beef filet approx. 300 g. 
Price: 295,-                              

3a Veal ribeye approx. 150 g
Price: 225,-

3b Veal ribeye approx. 250 g.   
Price: 275,-                 

4 Dry aged pork cutlet  
Price: 195,-                                     

5 Vegetarian chopped steak    
Price: 165,-

Ekstras: Price: 10,-
Chili mayo, garlic mayo, tarragon mayo                                   

Childrens courses

6 Beef filet, children portion  
Price: 115,-      

7 Pasta from Bornholm with meat sauce  
Price: 115,-    

8 Crispy prawns with garlic mayo     
Price: 95,-                        

Price: 35,-
Baked potato with butter
Price: 35,-                                   
Veggie sticks
Price: 35,-


Dessert of the day – check the board for info/ price               

Louises ice-cream dessert with Bailey`s, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate milk and whipped cream
Price: 85,-

-Without Bailey`s
Price: 55,-                                                 

Price: 85,-

Raspberry mousse with whipped cream        
Price: 85,-

Children´s ice cream with mini marshmallows with whipped cream                                                      
Price: 45,-                 

Irish Coffee, 4 cl. whisky 
Price: 75,-                                    

Price: 35,-

Tea from A/C Perch Tea Shop
Price: 35,-